Roadway Improvement - Traffic Safety At The Crossroads

Designing Better Intersections

The AAA Road Improvement Demonstration Program (RIDP) is designed to enhance traffic safety by reducing the occurrence of crashes at high-risk urban intersections. Key components of the program include:

  • Installing traffic signals with larger heads
  • Adjusting signal timing for better traffic control
  • Improving signage and pavement markings
  • Creating dedicated left-turn lanes with protected green signal arrows

Through the guidance of traffic engineering experts, hundreds of intersections have experienced dramatic reductions in crashes and injuries – and, in turn, saved millions of dollars for municipalities, insurance companies and the driving public.

Assessment Program Shows Safest Rural Roads

The U.S. Road Assessment Program (USRAP) was established by the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety to undertake a systematic assessment of American roadways. Controlled-access freeways provide the highest level of safety among road types; however, other road types deserve closer study to determine causes for crashes and solutions for improvement. Maps created by USRAP can help you identify routes that present a lower risk of crashes, plus those where caution should be observed when traveling.

For more information on RIDP or USRAP, contact or call 800.646.4222.