InGear Free Driver Training For Teens
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InGear — A New Program from
Posit Science & AAA

While teens make up only 6% of all drivers, they account for more than 12% of drivers involved in fatal crashes. To address this disheartening statistic and better prepare teens for the road ahead, AAA has partnered with Posit Science to develop InGear, a supplemental driver training program. The InGear program is designed to improve driver awareness and focus by engaging young drivers in three core areas:

  • Enhancing visual skills.
  • Improving attention and response time.
  • Decreasing distracted driving.

What may seem like simple video games are actually brain fitness programs loaded with scientific exercises to sharpen young drivers’ cognitive skills. The end result is a more engaged student and, more important, a better-prepared and safer driver.

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Three Online Engagement Exercises

Engagement Exercises

Your teen will complete three online training exercises including:

Andromedus X: Keep track of moving objects in the center of your vision while staying alert to potential hazards in the periphery.

Hazard Highway: Make rapid decisions as objects approach at various speeds while staying alert to common road hazards.

Hey Rube: Rapidly move your eyes around a scene while challenging your visual memory.

Eligibility and Cost

  • Teen drivers ages 14-19 are eligible for the program.
  • InGear training is free to the first 5,000 individuals who register.

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Complete your teen’s registration online. After entering your information, create a login and password. You will have complete access to the InGear training module, which will allow you to monitor and coach your teen.

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